Incorrect Dates on Inventory Transaction List

I noticed that for some Inventory Items, the date shown in the list of transactions of sometimes different from the actual receipt shown when the Edit button is clicked. The issue persists after upgrading to the latest version.

The attached screenshot shows 3 transactions where the date is shown as 10/11/2016 when it is actually 10/10/2016. Also, the date of 10/11 is nowhere in either of those 3 records. The same behavior occurs on other inventory items once you get towards the middle or bottom of the page.

I’m using the Desktop version on Windows 7 with a default date setting of MM/DD/YYYY.

Were any of those items listed as back orders as at the 10th and the actual inventory purchase was dated the 11th. For one of those items, click on the quantity balance and post a screen shot of recent transactions - the last 4

You may have found the issue. I received and began using the boxes on the 10th, but they weren’t billed by the vendor until the 11th. When I changed the billed/paid date to the 10th, the issue went away for this item. I’ll check the other inventory items and let you know if it’s the same issue.

The situation is this, Manager says you can’t sell something until you have actual stock - can’t have negative stock - therefeor once the stock is purchased then the sale can be delivered.

Thanks! A similar issue existed for the other items with unexpected dates.