Possible bug with multi-page Accounts Receivable drill-down

From the summary if you choose Account receivable you can see all the customers that their balance are not zero. In the first page when you pick a “Balance” you moved to a page where you can see all the credits and Debits of this customer and how this balance is occurred, but if you choose a Balance in the second page of the Accounts receivable report you can’t, you can see only the total amount of Debit and the total amount of Credit.

Two questions before moving this to the Bugs category:

  1. Does the same thing happen in Accounts payable?

  2. Can you post screen shots to illustrate this? I can’t reproduce it because none of my test companies have that many customers with balances due.

Yes indeed, the same happens to Account payable

Your illustrations show something different from what you described. You said, “…if you choose a Balance in the second page….” I thought you were referring to a balance for a customer listed on the second page of the drill-down report for Accounts receivable. But your screen shot shows a second page without any balances. You are showing a drill-down report on a specific customer’s balance, not on Accounts receivable.

It appears that the drill-down report for this customer was just long enough that the totals for debits and credits did not fit on the first page. So they were carried over to an additional page that shows nothing else. Notice that your page number is “Page 2 of 1”. That means your list of contributing transactions only covered one page.

Debits and Credits of this customers are not equal, so the balance of this customer, who appears in the second page of account receivables is not 0. This means that the report should show all the debits and credits of this customer, which is not. Is it clear now?

No, it is not clear. You have not illustrated the problem, only described it. A complete series of screen shots is necessary.

I think that @lubos has to check it. It is clear to me that the screen shoot I upload is not right since it should show all the debits and credits of the customer

This is the second page of the Account receivable report

and this is the report of the customer with the balance 31.625,76, which should not be like this!

I can confirm this is a problem as discribed by pandhm affecting consecutive pages.

Moved to the bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (18.5.13)

Excellent, thank you.

Thank you