Customers listed as credits in accounts Receivable

How do I get my customers to be a debit balance instead of a credit balance

If you entered sales invoices correctly, they are automatically posted as debits to Accounts receivable. To understand why they are not, you will need to post a screen shot of the Edit screen of a sales invoice that is showing up as a credit.

If, by chance you are referring to a starting balance, you cannot enter starting debit balances, only undesignated credit balances. See the Guide: Set starting balances for customers | Manager. If customers owe you money on your start date, you must enter unpaid invoices, also as described in that Guide.

thank you

Now - how come Accounts Rec and Accounts Pay do not show on the Summary and yet I see them on the trial balance report? Plus I am not in balance. Looking for a reason when all the numbers check out,

What are your settings when you click the Edit button on the Summary page? Show a screen shot.

What is out of balance?

Just saying what you think is wrong does not help diagnose your problem - you really need to show copies of the screen images as Tut has requested