Balance Due Error

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I am facing problem with a few customers (not all) that as soon as i create their sales invoice
System automatically deduct payment and show balance due zero for that invoice. while showing accurate balance in customers (form) Screnshots are attached


Read these Guides: and Your situation occurs because Manager is automatically allocating an unspecified credit against the invoices.

Okay but i dont owe any money to my customer . and Customer balance is reflecting that . How can i find that what of credit amount is disturbing the invoices

Drill down on that customer’s balance in the Accounts Receivable column of the Customers tab. You will see every transaction contributing to the balance. You could also search the Sales Invoices tab for a customer’s name. In either case, sort the Balance Due or Amount columns by clicking their headings. (Click again to reverse the sort order.) This will help identify invoices with unexpected balances.

Note, I did not say you owed money to your customer. I said Manager was allocating an unspecified credit against invoices. For example, you enter a receipt, but do not specify which invoice it is to be posted against. Manager will post it against the receipt for that customer with the oldest due date that has a balance due. It is possible to have overpaid and underpaid invoices and end up with a zero balance in Accounts receivable for a customer.

The first screen shot that you have posted shows that all invoices, for the Customer account, are “Paid in Full”. The second screen shot shows that this Customer has a positive AR balance. A positive AR balance is a debit balance and this would suggest that there should be outstanding invoices that are awaiting for funds to be received from the customer.

Therefore, there must be some other debit transaction(s) that has(have) been coded directly to the Customer AR account without allocation to any invoice(s).

Possible transactions could be:

  • Receipt from customer processed as a payment rather than a receipt.
  • The Customer AR account debited in a journal transaction.
  • A Credit Note transaction using a negative amount

There may be others. I have ruled out a debit starting balance as this can only be achieved by entering invoice details.

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