Accounts receivable on Summary page

The accounts receivable section on the summary page is showing a negative number tied to one particular invoice which has been previously paid in full. Is there an explanation for this? Thank you.

You have not provided sufficient information to diagnose the problem. To begin, drill down by clicking on the Accounts receivable balance. That will show you a list of accounts receivable for individual customers. Drill down on their balances to see the transactions making them up, as well as a running balance. Find the transaction that drives the balance of that customer negative and view or edit it.

Probably, you entered a receipt incorrectly. Or, you may have a credit note you’ve issued for that customer, which shows up as a negative quantity in that customer’s Accounts receivable balance. Or maybe you entered a receipt twice against the same sales invoice.

If you can’t find the problem that way, post as much additional information as you can.