Some suggestions for save/print/view/email documents

I feel following changes will improve the program further.

  1. In reports, option for SAVE AS PDF is required.
  2. In payment and receipt vouchers, the heads of account where the amount are debited should be shown.
  3. For the amount transfers between accounts (bank & cash), option for transfer voucher with view, print, email & save is required.
  4. In view option of bank & cash account, column for reference number & head of account debited are required in addition to the already available columns of date, description & amount. This option also needs to opt any range of period with print, email & save facility.
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You can do this now by selecting PDF as a print option. Exact procedures depend on your operating system. Mac OS X, for example, includes it directly. Windows requires a driver installation, such as CutePDF. Improvements to PDF generation within Manager are already in the development plan.

This would be unusual, especially for receipts, because you normally do not show a customer anything about your internal accounting system. Also, while they are intended as internal documents, many users are giving payment vouchers to suppliers. So the same problem would occur.

This has been requested previously on the forum. Search on “Transfer” and you will see related discussion.

Account is already shown. And reference column will appear if any of your entries have a reference number. (This behavior is seen frequently throughout Manager’s display screens.)

As regards saving as PDF, it’s okay for me. However when one is using laptop he may not be installed printer / printer drive in it. That time it will be difficult.

Receipt, payment & transfer vouchers are mainly for the use of firm itself. These are basic accounting documents of an organisation. I feel it is not necessary to to provide it to suppliers.

As regards view option of bank & cash account, I am not mentioning the transaction screen. I am talking about summary. Click on BANK ACCOUNT or CASH ACCOUNT, then click VIEW. A screen shot is attaching.

Hope you will get what I am mentioning.

If you are using Windows - then “Microsoft Print to PDF” is included, so no need for drivers,[quote=“Tut, post:2, topic:5825”]
head of account debited

That maybe ok for deposits, but for payments wouldn’t you need "head of account credited"
Anyway, your screen shots show head of accounts - Petty Cash Account & Current Account

I am telling about head of expense debited for payments like “Staff Welfare”, “Printing & Stationery”, “Packing & Forwarding”, etc…,

In that case, I don’t understand what you mean by “head of expense”

I have already mentioned that head of expense a/c are “Staff Welfare”, “Printing & Stationery”, etc.

Suppose you pay tea expense for staff, the amount will be shown as debited to the staff welfare a/c.
Suppose you purchase furniture, the amount will be debited to furniture a/c
This is a basic principle and the name of a/c may vary from company to company.

In brief, what I mentioned is that the report appearing in the screen shot must be as follows;

Date Ref.No. Dr.A/c Description Amount
24-05-2016 000001 Staff Welfare Tea expense 60.00
25-05-2016 000002 Furniture A/c Furniture purchased 5000.00

Hope you got the idea.

OK - so head of expense ='s chart of account (had never heard of that expression before)
To add the “chart of account” name into the document is just adding un-necessary clutter.

Why would you want to tell your Customer/Supplier in the Receipt/Payment Voucher what chart of account your business had used to record the transaction?