Spend Money - Suggestion on Print

A small suggestion on the spend money print option. Once the print is taken and filed, it becomes bit difficult to identity to which account head the money is debited. It will be nice if the account head is default shown on the printed documents of this option, which becomes easier to identity the account head while auditing as we will have many vouchers filed.

The issue is that some users are using Spend money views to send remittance advice to supplier. In that case you don’t really need (or want) to show account names.

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Didn’t think that way, sorry! What you said is true…
Any other way to overcome this? Presently I am using pen to write the account head and then file with the supporting bills. Last year’s audit did have some difficulty on account of this. So from this FY started writing the account head on the hard copy. Thought of exploring the possibility of getting from the print itself!
Thanks for you reply.