Option to save an invoice

Is there an option to save an invoice to a flash disk / external drive in PDF and excel format from Manager?

Only PDF. You can use Email button to email yourself invoice in PDF format.

Please give an option to save the same… Direct printing gives a different layout than exported PDF. Exported PDF is good quality. Option to save would be a real boon.

Save to PDF will eventually become available too.

Have a look at this topic. Options for windows are cutePDF, doPDF, PDF creator.

I have seen that already and tried it too.

This is where the trouble is. using any of these pdf creators basically means printing directly from Manager. If we print from Manager, the printout doesn’t come as well laid out as in PDF exported over email. This is why a pdf output is better than printing.

Since the option to email is already built in, saving to pdf file shouldn’t be as trivial.

If you got adobe reader on you pc just print the invoice to Adobe PDF Printer you will find it in Devices and Printer and it will pop up windows to save PDF file.