SOLVED Issues with forum on Chrome browser

I post this using Safari as I can not even click on a post button using Chrome.

As of just some hours ago the Chrome browser on MacOS is having issues. For example the form buttons in this post (for example to make things bold, see screenshot from Chrome browser) and the icons in posts such as the heart and pencil ones are no longer available.

First trying in Chrome but could not post, notice absence of any button:

No icons for posts in Chrome, screenshot taken from Safari to indicate what I mean, in Chrome nothing shows:
Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 11.26.04

I did not update the Chrome browser so maybe the Forum installation was updated today? Although it is not a Manager app issue but it is an issue for getting and giving support as the only other means to the guides. Also Chrome is an often used browser, especially on Android and Linux devices. We already reported some issues relating to the Manager application in other topics related to Chrome.

So question is if anyone has a solution for this besides telling to use another browser?

I’m using Vivaldi, which is Chromium based, on Windows 10, and I’m not having any problems. I don’t have Chrome on my PC, but using Chrome on my Android phone I can easily access the forum and your post here.

I did a complete reinstall and now working as expected.

What did you reinstall? Also, Discourse (the platform for the forum) was updated.

Chrome browser. Think they coincided.