How do I Log in Via my web browser

I have the latest OIS update, I have the latest Manager update, I have logged in to my google account, I have logged in to Manager to use the forum via safari.
I have no idea how to get rid of this problem so i can send emails which I was currently doing before the updates.

The following guides should help to fix your problem

Email transactions and reports
Troubleshoot email issues
Google Gmail

You don’t have to log into your Google account separately every time to send emails from Manager. You log into your Google account only to set it up so Manager can send emails through it. This is a one-time task, described in the third link @Joe91 sent .

You do not use Manager to access the forum. The forum runs on an entirely different application you access via any browser. In other words, the forum is its own web site and has nothing to do with the Manager application (except that we discuss Manager here).

@Cjfifo, your post with personal information was deleted.

I have been sending invoices using Manager for over 5 years, i stopped sending them in August but someone has asked for one but now the Error message comes up. When I updated to the new version all my details to do with Gmail transferred but for some reason it won’t work. I have been into my email settings and turned ON allow third party apps.
I have put in my Password correctly and all the information is correct but it still say Log in via your web browser!

@Cjfifo, you did not read the second Guide @Joe91 linked you to. Unless you provide the information it requests, no one can help. Please do not say things like “latest update.” Manager advances very rapidly. We need actual version numbers for the application and your operating system.

@Cjfifo The error message you are getting says to read the instruction at , Have you done as advised on that page?
The error message says to then login to your gmail account via a web browser. When doing so look for gmail blocking Manger access and read the reason / solution which will be given there. How did that go?

From your screen shot it looks like you are using Manager v19.12.11
What operating system are you using, do you have two factor authentication set for gmail?
Note may people have found setting up their own email server for Manager difficult, however most now work fine with recent version of Manger. So to find a new Manager bug more information will be needed.

Thank you Patch much appreciated. I set up the two set authentication and also a 16 digit code for the manager App.
Finally it works.

My apologies to people if I used the wrong terminology!

Thank you much appreciated for your help