Brave browser bug

Hello guys. I use brave browser which is Chromium based. Most of the times when I view purchase invoice or Sales invoice I can’t directly print from the view. Clicking “Print” button doesnt do anything. I have to save to PDF and then print the PDF. This could also be Brave browser feature/bug but I can’t seem to find any option in settings that I can enable/disable that is related. Turning Brave shields down for the site doesn’t change a thing.

This has been an issue for me for the last 2 months (from the begining of using, in which time Brave had many updates. Sometimes it works, but I can’t seem to connect why and how.

Any help would be great!


You do not say whether you can print from other web pages when using the Brave browser nor what hardware or operating system you are using

This makes it difficult to give any kind of meaningful answer

You are right. Everything else works fine. I switched from chrome to Brave and haven’t noticed other changes. Printing works fine.

I am on latest windows 10 update, Intel I9-9900, 32GB 3200mhz RAM in dual channel, dual 24inch 1440p dell monitors, Samsung 970EVO nvme as OS drive.

Cloud subscription.

Looks like a question for the developer but one thing to check - if you right click a link in Manager and open it in a new tab or a new window, is the response the same?

Didn’t think of that. If I right click sales invoice and open in new tab or new window, printing now works :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still seems like a “bug” - I don’t know enough about browsers to comment any further

Please try installing a widely used browser to separate a browser incompatibility from an incompatibility with your computer. Such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge

I have used it in paralel on Chrome and Brave. Just Brave is acting up.

When I press Ctrl + P, print window shows up, while pressing “Print” button doesn’t work. I guess that’s a good temporary workaround.

Almsot all complaints about Manager traced to browsers are with Chromium-based browsers. Search the forum for other discussions about these problems.