Everythings in Bold

All of the main content, the text is suddenly all in bold. Is this an option somewhere I can turn off?

No. Which edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)? And which operating system? Can you post a screen shot?

This sounds like a problem with your computer or browser, not Manager. Have you rebooted?

Nope not me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all the text, it was fine last week in the same browser (Chrome, Windows 10). Now it’s all fat and bold and difficult to read. Everything else on the computer is fine and nothing has been changed

It’s version Manager 16.3.87

Nope not you what? If you mean you will not post a screen shot, then you cannot expect help, because no one can see the problem.

Do you mean text on forms, such as sales invoices and receipts? Or do you mean all text on all screens?

You should also update your software, as you are hundreds of versions behind. Many of the changes have to do with displays.

I mean no it’s nothing I’ve done or changed on my end.
Installed the new version, which isn’t “hundreds of versions behind”, the points in version numbers indicate small changes and very minor changes

It’s still the same

Not necessarily. In Manager, they are date-related sequence numbers. Some of the things you described as “very minor changes” include wholesale replacement of the PDF generation and printing processes, introduction of custom themes, addition of new modules, and on and on. Your assumption that Manager’s version designations are similar to other software you might have encountered is incorrect. Many aspects of the program are virtually unrecognizable compared to your version from last March.

But if you are done claiming nothing has changed, but that Manager magically stopped working correctly, answer the questions I asked and post the screen shots. Then maybe someone can help.