Battling to update

Hi everyone.

Read up on the forum about this but can’t seem to come right. Although I am not very tech savvy :disappointed: So I’m sure it’s me.

I have tried all afternoon to update to the new version because I am not able to email out accounts.

I download it and I can see it on downloads when I click on it, it creates a “device” on the desktop this is just like the normal. Then I click on it and it opens up like a folder with the manager logo inside. Still all like normal.
Then when I click on the logo to open it, it creates another icon at the bottom of the screen like it is going to open and then a window pops up asking if I really want to open it because it is from the Internet and I click yes open. This is all like normal
Except that usually it would then open but now nothing happens and the icon at the bottom - which showed it was opening then disappears.

It also still shows both downloads old and new version? Not sure if this is the problem. I read on another thread that you should install it? But at no time does a window pop up and say do you want to install, so I have no idea how to do this?

I have no idea what to do now.
I have a MacBook.

Can anyone please help?

Read this Guide and follow the instructions to the letter: