Solved-Cannot import backup on windows XP after restore ghost image

Just install new windows XP on my system, I have make backup file in E Drive but backup process do not working, My backup file have extension of .manager but when I click on “Import Backup” nothing happened,

My application data path is
C:\Documents and Settings\Nobel\Local Settings\Application Data\Manager
Is there way to fix this issue, I already read posts about this problem but suggestion was that backup file must have extension of .manager which I already have so where is the problem.

When you say “backup restore does not work”, can you be more specific? On which step do you get stuck?

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Manager could not import my backup when I select backup file with extension .manager , Its my fault not to mention in my starting post that I restored a ghost image of windows xp so now I have installed new xp windows rather than ghost image and its work and I successfully restored my backup,

there is 1 question, If I make a ghost image with already installed “manager”, Will it restore my backup file in future if I install this ghost image?

What’s Ghost Image? A disk cloning software? Assuming you are able to restore backup from Ghost Image, it should restore your OS, programs and all the data (including Manager). If it doesn’t, then this is question for Ghost Image vendor why it doesn’t work as advertised.

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