Installed my pc (XP) can't open my back up manager file

Hello there, i re installed my pc, operating system xp pro. but can’t open my manager back up files, the files have .manager extension, can someone help?

You don’t “open” backup files, you import them into Manager. See: Manager Cloud

Have you done that?

Many thanks for your reply, yes i have tried that, but when I click on the “import backup” button, nothing happens.

What about other buttons? If you click “Create New Business” button, is that working at least?

Yes, everything else works fine, you can create another business and start again.

By good luck, i have solved the problem.

Before re installing my pc, i copied the manager folder found here C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\Local Settings\Application Data) to my D drive.

After re installing pc and Manager, i went to import the back up file now saved on my “D” drive but manager would not import it. This next bit is where i got lucky, don’t know why it worked but so glad it did.

I deleted the new manager install folder found at C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\Local Settings\Application Data, and replaced it with the previous one that i had copied to my “D” drive, opened manager and it all worked. So it appears, at least on os Xp, Manager will only work with files found here: C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\Local Settings\Application Data\Manager