I can not restore back up from windows 8 system to windows XP sp3 system


manager is already running on my windows 8 laptop with my business account, but now as i m trying to restore the same backup file from my windows 8 laptop to windows XP sp3 desktop, Noting has happen.
i m unable to restore the backup on windows xp pc.
is restoration possible from higher version windows to lower version windows ( from win 8 to win xp)???


Have you updated to the latest version of Manager on both computers. When you restore a backup, you are restoring the data - the version of the operating system should not make any difference. The only thing that would affect anything is if you are running different versions of Manager on both computers. You should always be running the same version of Manager, so just update to the latest version of manager on both computers.

I am not aware of any issue with manager on xp,


@dal is correct. You cannot restore a newer version of the data base to an older version of the program.