Can not open back up file

After updating to the new version, I can not open an old backup
To do so, I need to open the manager application then import the business

this may cause a problem because I use this backups in cloud service
so when I update in one pc, in the others nothing will change

It is not clear what, if anything, you are asking.

First, what edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)?

Second, how are you trying to open the backup? Are you opening it directly as an individual file? Or have you imported it and are trying to open it within the application? (The latter is completely normal.)

Third, when you refer to “cloud service,” are you referring to using the cloud edition of Manager and creating a backup somewhere else? Or are you referring to storing you backups in the cloud?

Fourth, your situation with multiple computers is not clear. Are you accessing the same business from multiple computers? Are you expecting to be able to make entries in a business on one computer and not have those reflected when opening the same business from other computers? Please describe your setup, including where your application data folder is located. Also describe how you are trying to use backups.

Fifth, what actual version number are you using? The program is frequently updated several times per day. So “the new version” tells us nothing.

Sorry if what I said was not that clear

1- desktop version
2- trying to open as an individual file (
3- onedrive service
4- I used to open the backup file as an individual file from a pc that has onedrive folder , then when I close the file, it will be synchronized and ready to be used directly from the other pc that has the same onedrive account (I can open also from the second pc as an individual file)
5-I am using 22.9.26 version

Let’s go back to you initial post. You said you cannot open an old backup. What happened when you tried? Did you see any error messages? If so, please post screen shots of them.

Your entire situation, however, suggests you are approaching your desired capability in the wrong way. It sounds like you are continually making backups and storing those in the cloud. Then you are opening the backups from a second computer. Then you repeat the process from the first computer.

A far better approach is to change the location of your application data folder. See the instructions in this Guide: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager. Do this on your main computer first. Then change the folder location on the second computer. This way, instead of looking for a file on the local drive, the application will look for the business file at the new location, which for you should be your OneDrive account. No matter which computer you log on from, the application on that computer will call data from OneDrive and store changes there. Effectively, you will have a multi-user installation, with all computers saving data into the same file.

You will have no need to make backups and open them in stand-alone mode or import files all the time. The exception to that is that you should always, always, always make periodic backups to protect yourself from data loss or corruption. You can store your backups in your OneDrive account, too, because that account will be backed up by the host. But you never want to have your safety backups on your local drive, because when—not if—it crashes, your safety backups will be lost.

I always used to open the file directly as an individual file
but when updating to the latest version as the picture in below shows, you can not open it any more

what picture?

Screenshot 2022-10-10 140933

You just need to associate the .manager extension with the Manager application. You must know enough about your operating system to do that task, it has nothing to do with Manager as such. You obviously can Google how to do this for your operating system.

I tried to associate it with manager but can not find manager app between the available apps on muy computer and this happened when updating to the new version.
when I deleted and back to the old version everything worked normally

I am sorry but when you install Manager you should know where it is on your system.

I did what you said but the problem is that when I open a backup file this is what happen
it opens the application and I have to choose the business that I am woking on

in the earlier version It was able to open directly the business

in the fisrt photo it shows how the backup file is opened
in the second photo is the icon of the manager app

I already advised that you need to associate the .manager files with the Manager application. This is not done by Manager but by your Operating System.

Yes. Manager shows all the .manager files in the folder. If you have more than 1 backup file in the folder it will list all of them. If only 1 .manager file, you still have to click to enter into the business.

Even if the .manager files aren’t associated with Manager you can drag one to the Manager icon, but the program will still start by listing all of the .manager files in the folder.