My files cannot be read

Hi guys, I changed something in my Manager for the reading of the files. Now when I try to do backup, there is a quick flash on my computer screen and the file doesn’t download. I don’t know the correct app for reading manager files. can anyone help please? I don’t know what to change it back to…?
Thank you

Your question is not very clear. If I have understood correctly have you changed the extension for your manager data file. If so, change the extension back to .manager. If you have renamed the file (which seems to be long numbers like 123456-asbr-5343), then you could try importing the file you have renamed as long as it has the .manager extension.

I hope that answers your question as I am not actually sure what you changed. Also the only way to backup the data is to open the business, which would mean that you can read the file, so not sure how you are doing the backup either! Can you elaborate on exactly what you changed.

What is your operating system, Windows?

I did try to change the extension to .manager but it didnt make any difference.

You still didn’t answer what’s your operating system.

@lubos I would suggest a teamviewer session with him so you can see what he has done. My best guess is that he is opening Manager but when he clicks on the business, its not opening up because he has moved the data file. Its hard to say without seeing it.