Software Fails to Save Invoices and Customers after a while

I have been using Manager for quite a while on Linux. It’s excellent and works well. However, it has now completely stopped working without giving any error.

My customer’s count is 73 and there are same number of sales invoices (73). If I add another transaction (Sales invoice), it adds up just fine and count increases to 74. However, after closing and restarting the App, it seems that software hasn’t added the invoice.

There are no errors indicating any failure. The app has just stopped saving Customer details and invoices.

OS: Linux Debian
Data stored on: Home > .local > share > Manager

I have tried upgrading the app, completely removing and reinstalling it and also changing default directory. Nothing works. Please help resolve this peculiar issue.

Could you try to make a backup file by clicking on Backup button, then import this backup file and see if you can reproduce this issue in the restored business from backup?

Thanks Lubos!

This seems to have done the trick. Now, able to add invoices and customers just fine.

Thanks a lot for helping out such quick!