Backup won't load

I have just got a new computer and loaded Manager onto it. I did a backup on the old machine and sent it over to the new one. However, when I go through the importer, choose the file and then click “Import” the “Choose File” line goes back to “(None)” and nothing is imported. Any help would be appreciated!

I am using v14.1.9 on Ubuntu 12.04.

What is the extension of the backup file you are trying to import?

Ah yes, the file doesn’t appear to have a file extension. I guess it needs to be .manager? I had assumed the backup file would automatically be in that format! Will try again when I get back to the office this evening.

The backup file must have .manager extension but when using Backup button on Ubuntu, I’ve noticed, SaveFileDialog box is not working correctly which means you will end up with extension-less file unless you rename the file yourself.

I will improve the import function so it will accept any file as long as the file is in correct format which will fix this issue. In the meantime, just rename the backup file so it has .manager extension and try again.

hello for me when I backup to another laptop I lost all the opening balance it s change

@Tonia_Doueihy, can you upgrade to the latest version of Manager on your current computer? If you “lose” opening balances after upgrade, then missing opening balances are not due to transferring backup to another computer.