Update has changed figures. Can't go back to previous release

I recently installed Manager (to 16.7.59) on another computer & imported my previous backups into it. When I opened the files in the new version I noticed that some figures had changed. This was because the “Income” account drop down under “Sales Invoices” had become blank. I had to go through and reset the Account box on every invoice for every job for the past 12 months which took hours. As I did this it also changed the Tax settings and in some cases the Qty which I also had to correct.
I thought that it may have been caused by not updating the software on my original computer first, so without thinking, I ran the updated the software on the original computer. Unfortunately, this now had the exact same problem. I tried uninstalling the updated version and replacing the old, but when I tried to open it I just got a popup window with a whole lot of text about an ERROR. It now wouldn’t open at all. I also tried doing a RESTORE, but it was exactly the same and couldn’t open.

The problem is that now I’m not sure if any of the figures are correct as I don’t have any printed copies to compare with. I cannot access the files through the previous version to check the accuracy of the new version.

Any suggestions?

If upgrade breaks something, don’t try to fix it. Report it right away. The reason is that it’s typically not something that was meant to happen and can be easily fixed. No need to spend hours.

You can send me your accounting file to lubos@manager.io and I’ll have a look what is causing discrepancy.

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Thanks so much Lubos. I’m so used to struggling with software, it’s kind of unusual to have someone say that you don’t have to and they are happy to sort it out for you. I am most appreciative, especially after spending endless hours getting my figures together.
I will certainly take you up on the offer.