Software does not start

I installed Manager, but when I click the icon to start the program it does not start.

It’s possible that you don’t have installed .net (4) update?

@azampas I don’t think it’s that. The software wouldn’t even install without .NET Framework 4.0

@kiran Do you get any error message which would indicate why it doesn’t start? Just saying it doesn’t start isn’t particularly helpful.

Just recently Manager won’t start. I think it’s because I let CCleaner make a dog’s breakfast of .net framework data… won’t be doing that again!

I’ve tried reinstalling .net 3.5 & 4, and Manager itself, and resetting the machine.
Didn’t find any help from microsoft site and other google results.

I don’t know what else to try.

Try to reinstall Internet Explorer or better try to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer available on your OS.

I’ll give it a go.
Thanks champ!

every time i tried to open MANAGER it shows me error message that I am not connected to internet??

@Arbaz_Durrani, On Windows, Manager is using Internet Explorer.

The way you can solve this problem is to open Internet Explorer and turn off offline mode. This will fix Manager.