Small bug with customer codes

Let’s say I have two customers, one with the code 1805 and the other 805.

When I create an invoice and start typing the code 805 in the customer field, the 1805 client appears at the top of the list and is automatically selected when tab / enter is pressed. This makes it prone to mistakes, it would be better if 805 would appear on top since that’s the exact query.

Can this be fixed?

use same number of digits.

The behavior you refer to is part of the autocomplete feature. The program lists options you have previously used that fit the text string typed so far. As you type more, the list narrows. In the particular example you mentioned, it will never eliminate the 1805 option. You can see the same behavior by starting in the middle of an item code (or other fields where autocomplete works). If you enter 805, the program doesn’t know whether you mean 805, 1805, or Z42-805-33. All three would show as options. The search philosophy is to help users find things, even when they only remember part of what they are looking for. Imagine your customer codes are name abbreviations. Perhaps you could only remember Lars Frederik’s last name. So you enter F, and up it comes in the list: LFRED.

Ok, thank you for the explanation.