Customer field of Billable Expenses item does not accept Customer Codes

The Customer field of a Billable Expenses item in the Expense Claim form is unaware of Customer Codes. For example, given a Customer “The Best Cookie” whose Customer Code is “TBC,” if I type “TBC” in the Customer field of a Billable Expenses item, it is not recognized. (Other forms and fields may share this issue, too.)

I don’t believe any representation was ever made that the Customer field would be aware of Customer Codes. What the field implements is a text string search for any customer names that match the entered text. So, enter the letter “y” and you would turn up Kathy Jones, By the Book Reading Materials, and Yesterday’s Antiques. Enter “rub” to restrict the search to Rubber Composites Ltd., Smith’s Shrubs and Bushes, and John Brubaker. This feature is common throughout Manager.

So this isn’t a bug, but rather how the program is designed.

I stand corrected. It’s a usability flaw, rather than a bug. (Every other Customer field seems to accept the Customer Code. That this particular instance of the field does not behave that way suggests that it’s an oversight, rather than the way it’s purposefully designed. You’re right, though, it’s not technically a bug.)

(Incidentally, @Tut, I’m a big fan of yours. I’ve been keeping a list of suggestions and observations that I’ve made while migrating to Manager over the past few weeks, and I’ll post them to the Forum for your thoughts as I’m able to. The Forum accepts only 3 new posts per day per user, apparently, so they’ll be coming in drips and drabs. I’m eager to read your responses.)

I learn something new every day. I didn’t know the Customer field in other screens would accept a code. But if you observe closely, you’ll see that it is performing a progressive string search just like I described. But it seems to include the code in the text searched. Why it searches codes in most cases, but not for billable expenses, I could not say.

@Jon, check the latest version (16.1.17). Customer code or supplier code should be shown in autocomplete boxes now.

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Thank you, but the new code is not working properly (in 16.1.20). Although the customer code now appears along with the customer name in the drop-down list, the search function doesn’t recognize it. For example, I can see my customer listed as “ABC Allied Baking Company” in the list, but if I type “ABC” it returns “not found.”

Also, less importantly, while the customer code is separated from the customer name by a hyphen in other drop-downs, the one here omits the hyphen and makes it somewhat difficult to read.