Customer Code

Customer code is now appearing on the invoices and quotes. Previously it didn’t and i was using it as search feature in regards to my customer database. I do not want these codes appearing on the quotes and invoices. Do I now need to delete every code in my database to prevent them appearing cause that is an extreme time costly exercise.

If it wouldn’t really be a problem ignore the codes. I receive a lot of invoices and payment advice and Job orders etc from client and they always show our company’s code and it helpful sometimes. In a reconciliation situation it can be useful.

There are users who also want that displayed and one example is me

An ability to select it would be a good option to display or not display.

Its also inconsistent it seams to happen to some but not all so not sure if a bug or an unfinished feature?

Yeah ability to set to display or not would be fine.

To be rid of customer and supplier codes, follow this guide:


Alternatively you can set up a custom field that you could use as a supplier code without editing templates if you are not confident with that.

Already adjusted the code but thank you

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