"Code" appearing when searching (while using the Search Bar)

In the Invoice section I usually use the Search Bar to look the invoices for a specific customer. But, this week, in some of my searches this is what appears:

As you can see I typed “San an” instead of writing the whole name. If I write San Antonio, it works fine.
But I think this an error or something because this wasn’t happening few months back (or at least I hadn’t found it until this week).
This doesn’t happens with all my searches. I have found this “problem” with 2 searches until today. (But I forgot who is the other one. If I find it I can send you a screen shot).

This doesn’t affect me at all, but it looks strange.
So, is this a problem? or this has to appear avery time I search for “San An”?


I can reproduce the problem sporadically, but not consistently enough to identify an exact set of circumstances that will trigger it. It is definitely a bug, and seems to be related to the recently introduced multi-term search capability. As far as I can tell, it happens in all tabs when short text strings are used in the Search argument. But sometimes, a single-letter string works fine, other times it won’t.

For example, with this list of sales invoices:

if the Search argument “55 d” is entered, the follow is returned:


Likewise, if you were to search for invoices more than 320 days overdue, and put in the two partial-term search strings “32” and “d”, you get:

But add just one more letter and everything works correctly:

In every case I’ve tried, the correct records are returned, but the display of them is incorrect.

Thanks for reviewing this case @Tut. Hope this can be fixed some day.

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.5.94)

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