Customer Code doesn't appear in Customer Statement

Hi. I have been using code feature lately and noticed that it is a wonderful tool to track individual. While this feature appears everywhere in Manager, the only problem i face while viewing customer statement. The code doesn’t appear in customer statement view and search feature also not likely to work either.
Many will question me why not put their names instead. The answer to that, is that i have too many same name customer from different company, area, region etc. Not to forget that typo mistakes or spelling mistakes can’t search them by name. So code is the best way to identify them.

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You could always insert the code as the first part of the name in the name field.

Don’t you think it appears unprofessional in the invoices, quotes etc.?

I agree with @raJ. Adding the Code column would be useful for both customers and suppliers when choosing one to generate a statement. I’m surprised no-one has suggested this previously.

That’s up to personnel choice. Currently a lot of correspondence I receive have numbers and barcodes as part of the address, not necessarily neat but I wouldn’t say unprofessional - just part of the electronic age. Besides, I am generally focused on the content rather then the appearance of how its addressed.

Customer code doesn’t show on invoices, quotes or credit notes. So this is not just about customer statements.

The question is, where to put it.

I think this should appear in all ledgers for able to search them by code feature. Else it is hard to identify accurately due to spellings mistakes and so on

I think what @raJ is asking for is to see customer codes when creating transactions or viewing registers. I don’t think he actually is asking for the code to show on printed documents. His example and the topic title had to do with customer statements. If you were trying to generate a customer statement and had five customers named Bob Smith or three named Sydney Services, how would you tell them apart?

I can see that this might be a problem when selecting a subaccount under Accounts receivable/payable as well.

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@Tut absolutely right

@lubos would be glad to see your advise/comments

The latest version (16.8.23) will show Code column on the list of customer statements.

Thank you @lubos I thought my post was ignored considering it something out of the picture. I really appreciate the importance you give to each user’s queries. Keep up the good work.