Slow performance

It was working very well since not reset my window, but after reset it became very slow and start taking 5-10 second by moving from one option to another, even it has reinstall also. How it can be fix?

Are you using the desktop edition? What operating system is your computer?

Actually i m using Windows 10 on hp i.5

Actually i m using Windows 10 on hp i5 laptop and it is desktop edition

You mentioned a reinstall. What version of Manager shows when you select About Manager in the top menu bar?

Manager 16.1.2 is it you was asking ? actually i m not much aware about software but i think you was asking the same

You are quite far out of date. I recommend you download and install the latest version from That alone may fix your problem. Install the new download exactly like you did the original, without deleting anything. Manager will handle that. Back up your data first.

thanks for quick answer but it was fresh downloaded and 2nd should i uninstall old one from PC?

Your version was 8 months old. Did you download from the site I linked you to above? Or did you download from some third-party distribution site? There have been many reports of outdated and corrupted versions on the third-party sites.

As I said in the earlier response, you normally should not delete anything before an update. Manager takes care of that. But if you got your original version from a third-party site, I recommend that you delete it.


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@waqas_9600, is this happening on one business only or on any business you create in Manager? However upgrade anyway as it could fix the issue too.

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Backup your business by opening each business and selecting backup and save the files to say the desktop.

Then go to c:\users\yourname\appdata\local and copy (not delete) the manager folder there to somewhere else.

Then uninstall Manager. Then delete the manager folder in the appdata\local.

Then install the latest version of Manager from the Manager website. Then add business and import your backed up businesses. When you are happy that all your data is there and Manager is working properly, delete the Manager folder that you copied as one of those files is most likely the problem.

Make sure you backup everything before deleting anything

thanks to all of you after finish the long process not much fast. but as long as its working it enough. really appriceated for new version too

@waqas_9600, slow performance is definitely not normal for Manager but you didn’t answer my question.

Lubos Hasko:
I have tried by created a new business, but that was not enough fast like before even there was no any entry i have recorded. And to different computer actually for that i don’t have choice.
but i don’t know how but before it was running extremely fast even i was not aware about news version and using was same old.

did you try my suggestion of removing the Manager folder in the appdata folder as explained above. It sounds like you have some strange setting configured somewhere which may be causing the problem which is why I suggested the above.

Also just try disabling the anti virus and see if that has any effect.

If you want a simpler method to do what I suggested above, just create a new user login on your computer, install Manager on that login and import your backed up business into Manager on that user login. That will determine if the problem is the appdata\local\manager folder in your current user login profile.

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@waqas_9600 just as a total aside, could you try taking a backup and using the desktop edition on another computer and import a new business from the backup? Compare that to what it is you’re experiencing on your computer. It may (or may not) rule out the PC.

@dalacor as per your suggestion i did the same copied,deleted from appdata, uninstalled downloaded fresh one and installed and import business but unluckily no result and i dont have any anti virus installed

@lubos after upgrade to latest version Heading of sales is indicating uncategorized how it can menage as revenue see the screenshot

I would suggest that you setup a Teamviewer session with @lubos and he can perhaps see if he can fix the issue as its clearly not something that can be solved in this forum.

You don’t have anti virus installed - Gasp!!! :astonished:

@dalacor Should i install some anti virus? As i told you i m not much aware about these things. Because my hobby is to do business. So suggest me which anti virus i should install if that is necessary