Freezing while open anything

suddenly software has start taking too much time to open any option please advise how to fix it?

What operating system are you using? Did you recently update Manager? If so, what version do you have under About Manager? When you say “open any option,” provide an example. Or do you mean the program will not open? In other words, provide some information so someone can help.

@Tut it is I5 windows 10 current version is 16.9.28 and issue is. it will take much time suppose whenever i will raise the invoice or from invoice to summay also. it show below screen for almost 5-10sec.
its not happen for only invoice option for all like “Production order”, “Inventory”, “Report” etc. as i have reinstalled fresh and add a new business for checking but that also running very slow.

You have serious problems, @Mudassar1. I have no idea how you can get a screen looking like your screen shot when in the Sales Invoices tab. When you select that tab, you should be seeing a list of your 94 sales invoices. I would suggest immediate reinstallation, but you said you already did that.

yes actually that current screen will disappear after some second and it will let open those invoices list, as i told not only this anyother option also will open like this, suppose i want to open production order as i will click on that after few second this screen will appear for 5-10 sec as it will disappear than list of production orders will appear, i hope its clear to you now,
so kindly suggest me how tho correct it, for your information i done already uninstall and reinstalled also

@lubos This post and this other post Slow Performance sound like the same problem. Both are using Windows 10 core i5 computers. I am wondering if its not some windows update on Windows 10 that is messing around with Manager. The other poster was on quite an old version of Manager when the problem started, so its not an issue with a version of Manager. But both problems have occurred quite recently and suddenly, so that may point to a windows 10 update.

I would suggest you combine the two posts and see if both OP’s can help narrow down when the problem started, so we can eliminate some windows 10 update. I suspect its either an IE update in W10 or something to do with .net framework update.

I can rule out the Anti Virus because I can see this OP is using Avira which is what I use as well.

One suggestion that I can offer is to do a system restore to say one month ago. If this fixes the issue, its likely some windows update that is causing the problem

@lubos can you suggest how to fix it?

#lubos& #dalacor see blow screenshot and advice.

Try running the program compatibility Troubleshooter to the end and see if it fixes the problem. Otherwise this is something that Lubos will need to look into as something about Windows 10 is having an issue.

What I suggested in my earlier post - do a system restore to say a month ago and see if Manager works properly - this way you determine whether Windows Updates is the issue.