Single Touch Payroll Australia


Is it possible that Manager will in the near future have a fully featured payroll system that complies with the Australian Taxation Office, including ‘Single Touch Payroll’?:


Would love this for NZ too. The current reporting delivers what we need but complex because of the need to pull so many reports to find the information needed. What would help us is


I don’t speak for the Developer, but noting the short time span - Jul 1 - it is unlikely that Manager will have a fully featured payroll system by that date considering the current payslip module.

Also noting the fact, that the ATO itself hasn’t yet finalised their own technical documentation which would enable the payroll service providers themselves to update their existing systems.

The suggestion would be this - engage a “payroll service provider” who would be compliant and then just enter the Payroll period summary into Manager.


As an Australian small business owner it would also help me. Less than 20 employees so needed by 1/07/2019. (Larger employers would like it by 1/07/2018).


Single Touch Payroll and superannuation payments through the Small Business Clearing House can be notified to the Australian Taxation Office through your Business Portal. To set it up go to -