STP Phase 2

Hello, I’m just wondering if we’re ready to migrate to Phase 2 with the CSV uploads? Has anyone done this yet and how’d you go?

Thanks very much.

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STP Phase 2 not yet supported but it will be sometime early next month.

I believe are currently doing this. And they are used by Manager for STP phase 1

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I’m still struggling to get my head around the whole cradle to grave for doing STP1.
And by way of coincidence, I’m currently trying to do this task right now, hunting for information on ATO, Manager & SingleTouch … feeling lost & confused.
Mine should be relatively easy to do, as it’s only me (one man show), but ideally an end to end - no steps skipped tutorial/guide would be very nice to follow, else a mentor.

Have you searched the forum? There have been extensive discussions with instructions.

Yes Tut. I’ve also participated in some of those very discussions in the past, some are dating back to 2018 and are now very dated, there were also some questions asked which went unanswered.
By “end to end - no steps skipped tutorial/guide” I mean something that is contemporary, succinct, covers all steps and is all in the one place, rather than hunting over multiple forums and websites to piece it all together.
There is no point in making a guide for those already experienced, so a guide should assume zero previous knowledge (without being demeaning)

Thanks, that’s good as I think we have to start using it by 1st March.

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Hi there,
I’ve read through the forum discussions but I’m still not sure if we’re ‘good to go’ with Phase 2 Single Touch Reporting.
Really appreciate the work you’re doing, thanks.

See This @Neatie1 .

Thanks, I did see that but was a bit worried by:

But, it’s still a bit rough to use. I will need extra day or two to make this more user friendly.

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