Reporting payroll in NZ

I am not very up with the play but I have some questions
For australia single touch pay roll the hold up on doing it is something STP I am not sure what that means.
On our NZ one I found this

is this the same thing.
I am confused about what is needed can some one please explain

Manager won’t be directly connecting to any government website. But Manager can generate file exactly as required for upload to either government website or if government website doesn’t support file upload, then 3rd-party bridging website

This is the case for Single Touch Payroll in Australia where the generated file would be uploaded to

Or Making Tax Digital in UK where the generate file would be uploaded to

Thank you @lubos so We have a CSV file that we can up load to IRD and IRD web site gives us samples and specs etc of this so is this the type of thing that you are looking at using ? How it goes is I log on to IRD using my Tax agent log in go to client and click the button upload Pay roll file then look for file on PC and click upload and its done. Is this what you call single click? or is single click one button in manager that automatically files.
Just trying to understand the whole concept

Yes, MYOB Payroll for example does exactly that, the only difference from what you describe is that the Payroll Application can be set to “remember” your IRD logon and take you directly to the screen to upload the “Payday employment information schedules”. You then browse select the file and say upload in the interface and the submission is recorded.

The accepted files are given here:

Yes I did a test file upload but it had a header error and I can not seem to be able to find it or fix it