Community Supported Localisation

I would like to suggest a feature

Name: Community Supported Localization
Description: Ability for community to contribute to a ‘’ configuration that meets local needs and regulatory requirements.
Justification: Faster setup for users. Improved compliance.
Long Description: Ability for users to contribute to a standard configuration (i.e. template) for a particular region e.g. Australia. This configuration would include configuration such as:
Mandatory fields on payslips (ABN, pay period, superannuation fund etc)
Tax Types / Rates - e.g. 10% GST
This feature would allow a user to import a standard configuration for a particular region.

Whilst I understand it is difficult for your staff to maintain this configuration for every region - it may be something the community can support.

It’s now possible to add business templates to the latest version (18.9.36)

See this topic for explanation how it works:

Well done. This is a great improvement and serves many purposes.

There are a couple of issues here:

  • Increasing country specific government reporting requirements including specific format and protocol.
  • A large diversity of countries supports
  • The relative difficulty of writing new customisation code vs using or adapting someone else’s customisation.
  • Duplicated effort of every user in a country creating similar customisations

Specific examples are:

Importing a full business template would help where the business is similar and the country is the same. However a finer grained sharing method would better suit a user base where only parts are the similar (ie same country or same business type). Possible solutions / ideas

  • Sub forum for customisation / programming / using the API
  • Custom report Templates
  • Accredited developers / partners

Clearly only Lubos can make these decisions however I suspect without some form of community support / resource sharing, a much larger programming team / cost structure will be required to continue meaningfully supporting the diverse but specific reporting requirements.


I’m trying to solve some of this using Manager Tools ( - Building your feature requests for

Currently working on a prototype and will release soon for testing. A couple of the items you listed above are already on the ideas list.

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Is STP on that list?

It’s on the list, but not likely to be something available any time soon - as it’s complex. Which is why I suspect the Manager team hasn’t implemented it yet - their goal is to appeal to a wide audience, a worldwide audience. Spending 50+ hours on a solution that will only benefit Australians probably doesn’t make financial sense for them.

Instead, have a look at this list supplied by the ATO for free and low-cost STP providers:

You can always use a payroll system that supports STP to store detailed information, whilst keeping basic payroll data in Manager at the same time to meet tax obligations.

For example, that is what a moderator has suggested here: