Journal Entries Report (General Journal)

An accountant would find a general journal report useful to scan the journal entries for unusual possibly incorrect adjustments without clicking each journal entry. Additionally, the accountant can quickly review previous period year-end adjustments to ensure they haven’t missed anything in the current period without opening each journal entry.


@tony That’s a great suggestion. I would go alongside you to draw attention of @lubos about this feature. Essentially, I had been missing the reporting of all journal created on a particular date (instead of going through entries by opening each journal) created on that date. And, I am sure, there are many other than me, who will be happy with this feature.

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I echo that. Also to have the possibility to view the Journal Entries by selecting a specific Account would be a great enhancement.

In the latest version (18.10.14), you can create custom reports which can show just this. There are many possibilities from selecting which columns to show to how you want to group your rows (e.g. by date, by account, by journal entry etc.)

Here is an example how to setup custom report which will show all journal entry lines from 01/07/2017 until 30/06/2018

Fine. But with this report we cannot have opening and closing balance.

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You get opening and closing balances in the General Ledger Summary report. And the fields affecting changes are all clickable.

I cannot print the effect of a clickable field. This kind of thinks don’t work with chartered auditors. They accept only printed/pdf documents.

You can export and print the spreadsheet.

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Everything is feasible. But you cannot say that having an automatic saved report is the same thing as every time setting up the period in the summary screen, opening the right account, coping it in excel, formatting it (sometime you also have problem with the columns!), saving it in pdf and revert the period in summary screen. If I have to do this for ten reports I made up my day…

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I dont know why its possible to ger real report ( include opening and closing balance for specific account ) by one click !!

because as Davide , Auditors refused and don’t trust our excel " hand make " report

… get*


I’ve lost count of how many times you have told other users that they can get what they want by combining reports, drilling down, or exporting raw data to a spreadsheet. Perhaps that works for you, but it doesn’t work for everybody.

Real accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners aren’t looking for inefficient solutions when they make a request for a more detailed report. Let’s ignore that every other accounting software provides detailed reports that display both the beginning and ending balances. Let’s just stick with the facts that busy people need what they need and don’t have the desire or time to run multiple reports first so they can compare and combine them, or export raw data to a spreadsheet and then format it for each report they need.

And no matter how many times you suggest that they can simply do this or that, what you repeatedly suggest is not what they’re asking for nor is it an efficient way of getting what they need in every situation. So for the life of me I cannot figure out why you keep telling other users to follow your suggestions or advice in this regard. Many times your suggestions are well thought out and beneficial to the other users, but on this particular topic–not so much.

Other users, including myself, want a detailed report that shows the beginning and ending balances–in one place–on one report we can just print out. If you can’t understand why then kindly stay out of the discussion and allow other users to express their needs and desires.

Isn’t that in part what this forum is for? Aside from providing support, if it’s not to allow the users to provide feedback, make suggestions, or report deficiencies to @lubos, what is it for?


And most of all is not acceptable for chartered auditors… so this kind of procedure can bring us a fine or legal problems.

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One and only one reason, @BeanCounter. Users ask how to get information and I try to show them a way. It is not a matter of suggesting or advising. I am only informing them of how the program works and what can be done to get the information they want. I am not defending or justifying anything.

I think this is stretching things, @Davide. Just because a report is preformatted in a software application does not necessarily make it more reliable. You can enter erroneous information in the program the same way you could in a spreadsheet. And if auditors believe they can even tell the difference between a PDF generated inside the program and one generated from a spreadsheet, I would not employ them. An auditor should be looking for corroboration of information in a report, not the method by which it was generated.



I specifically wrote “in this regard” so as to limit the scope of my written opinion. To put a fine point on it, when other users post that they need a more detailed report you repeatedly steer them toward inadequate or inefficient substitutes. As is evidenced by their sometimes exasperated replies. So I stated that I don’t understand why you continue to do that in the face of their specific request for a report that they can simply print out. If the report, or the means to create the report, doesn’t yet exist then simply say so and move on. Once again, busy people generally don’t have the time or desire to compare reports to derive the information that could easily be formatted into one report, and they certainly don’t have the time to export raw data into a spreadsheet, which then needs to be built from scratch each and every time they want to run the report.

And contrary to the rebuttal you made to @Davide, I’ve personally sat through audits conducted by state and federal tax agents and they absolutely do have a high expectation of comprehensive accounting data provided in the most concise way. Anything short of that often leads to a “fishing expedition” that can potentially produce other various undesirable outcomes.

Sorry but I cannot change the auditors that the public authorities send us, since we are a company that manages collected money and subject to direct control of central bank.

I don’t know why it is impossible to make this feature exists ! its needed , we can found it in all programs ! as below

I don’t really understand why the issue with opening balances is coming up under this topic.

This report is meant to show journal entry lines across all journal entries within some period of time. In the context of this report, opening balances for accounts would make a little sense because this report is not meant to show all debits and credits, just journal entry lines.

Generally speaking, I’m looking into how I could add support to show opening balances under custom reports if desired but you wouldn’t want to show them on this particular report.


Good Morning Lubos

thanks , we appricaite your hards work , and thanks to your reply , we are waiting this feature .

Good day to you !

This you are correct but at the same time many good accounting software lack few features and we have to manage them right.

However all my transactions are posted as journal entries and at times for me also it becomes difficult as reporting is not sufficient.

Hope @lubos understands the paid we journal entry users have to go through and help us, hoping for the best :blush: