View a journal entry with auto transactions

Is it possible to view a journal entry with financial transactions resulting from a module Receipts & Payments - Inter Account Transfers - Sales Invoices - Purchase Invoices.
This is intended to view financial effects that are automated on the accounts in the form of a daily entry.

Your question is not clear. All the tabs you mention are separate and have their own listings of transactions. In Manager, very few transactions need to be entered with journal entries. And no transaction is automatic. But all are posted to accounts selected on the transaction form. So what, exactly, are you trying to see?

If you are expecting every transaction to appear somewhere as a classical accounting journal entry, that is not how Manager is designed, although the results are the same.

The accounting for Every transaction will appear in the General Ledger Transactions report so you can get to the accounting there for everything. Journal entries in manager are just your ‘manual (i.e. non transaction related) GL only entries’ so they are simply another source of accounting entries feeding the General Ledger transaction report. Hope that helps.

In accounting every transaction has to be journal entry and then the general ledger, i suggest that there be view to journal entry any transaction on manager.
This is important for separating accountants in the audit and tasks sequence.

The process you describe has its origins in manual accounting systems, where journal entries were made as transactions occurred and were then posted to individual account ledgers. There is no need to do things that way in a computerized system. They can be posted directly to the ledger, with posting accounts as elements in a database.

One of the basic difficulties with the old manual method was the difficulty identifying which account to debit and which to credit. Manager largely eliminates that uncertainty for inexperienced people, determining debits and credits based on context. Only a few uncommon transactions actually need to be entered with journal entries.

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I think this is just semantics. Every transaction makes an accounting entry (Journal entry). The Journal entries Navigation tab however is simply the screen where you enter and view your manual (i.e. not automatically generated from transaction) entries.

You can view the entries/journals for everything via the General Ledger Details report, or you can create custom reports to report the accounting entries (journals) for whatever transactions you want. Here are a couple of custom report definitions that should give you what you want:

Accounting Entries by Transaction

Accounting Entries by Account

Hope that helps. Should give you adequate accounting audit trail for the automatically created transaction “journal” entries.

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Just good idea, i will try.