Where is the custom VAT report that I made?

I noticed the croudsourcing function in manager. There I made a custom VAT report for the Netherlands. I was wondering how I can get this report into my reports list. It doesn’t show, and I don’t see any possibility to add a report. It would be great if I could get it in, because this would be exactly what I would need for my tax reports…


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Could you send me a screenshot what you’ve done so far to lubos@manager.io ? I’m revamping the whole model so it will work a bit differently. Current model doesn’t fit all use-cases.

I have put it in two screenshots. It didn’t fit in 1 :slight_smile:

Looks promising :grinning:

Two things for improvement

  1. instead of creating extra lines for “Omzetbelasting” you could also create extra column. Just like the official document.
  2. you should also make a snapshot of the used TAX percentages, otherwise the formulas don’t mean much.

Here’s a quick example

Thanks, didn’t see that opportunity. I’ll update it later this week.

Mmm, it was very easy to change :smile:

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But, how to use the custom VAT reports?


Sorry, it’s not possible to use it yet. I know it’s embarrassing to release incomplete solution but it turned out what I had in mind won’t work across all countries so I’m coming up with slightly more flexible solution.

Thats a shame… Would have been great to use the one avdhoeven created.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but any news on when the new solution will be available?

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Sometime this month…


Great Software! Thanks for creating this.

I also bumped into the “crowdsource” hidden feature to create your own Tax form. The Dutch Tax form does not work as it should (and I have the newest version of manager.io desktop). Would be great if I could use my own TAX template such that it is an exact copy of the tax-office.

Any progress on introducing the custom-made tax forms? Or what is a work-around the use a custom created tax report/form?

This feature is on roadmap, see: Free Accounting Software | Manager

It’s currently #2 but I’m planning to release it next week… so it’s really #1.

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Hi Lubos,

Thanks for sending the roadmap, and great to see the cutom tax form is coming next week!



where is this crowdsourcing function in Manager? I cannot find it. I want to show changes for UK VAT Return as the current one is not 100% accurate.

Hi Dalacor.

For the “crowdsource” function go to “About Manager” tab (most right menu item in the top of the window, see screen dump below). There you will find a “Tax Report Definitions” screen. You can create your own template for Tax forms, but they are just examples for now. Lubos says the forms you create there will be active next week (So a nice preview of what is to come!).



Thank you. I was wondering where it was. Will add my contribution shortly.

What happened to the Crowdsourcing link in the last version of Manager (16.2.10). I can’t find it anymore in the about tab :frowning:

@tomasz: yes I also miss it (v16.2.11)… Hope that lubos comes with some updates soon!

Don’t worry, ability to design country-specific tax reports will be within business rather than under About section where it doesn’t connect to anything.

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I would love to see this implemented any day now. Tax reporting is due March 31st…

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