Sorting in General Ledger Summary

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It is possible I have misconfigured something, or I’m blind to some feature - I don’t know, but I believe that since I started using Manager the General Ledger Summary is sorted like this:

Are you saying that I can somehow reorder this (without using a spreadsheet)?

I think you can only affect the order within the broad classes (Income, Expenses, etc)

I am intrigued as to why you would want to change the order of the classes (Income, Expenditure, Assets, Liabilities and Equity) which is the standard order for all accounts, as far as I am aware.

You can change the format on the Balance Sheet report (Assets = Liabilities + Equity or Assets - Liabilities = Equity) but the order remains the same

@novica, what you list are groups, not accounts. The discussion in the thread you linked to was about accounts. Groups behave slightly differently from accounts. Here are the general principles governing both:

  • Income statement groups can be ordered however you wish using their Code fields.
  • Income statement groups can also be named however you wish.
  • Major balance sheet groups (Assets, Liabilities, and Equity) cannot be edited. Their names and order are fixed according to long accounting tradition.
  • New balance subgroups can be edited and ordered.
  • Within groups, whether income statement or balance sheet type, accounts can be ordered using the Code field.
  • Ordering of income statement groups takes priority over ordering of accounts within the groups. In other words, if you change the order of groups, all accounts within a group move with the group. The same is true of subgroups on the balance sheet.
  • In all General Ledger reports (Trial Balance, General Ledger Summary, and General Ledger Transactions), income statement groups display first, then balance sheet groups. That cannot be changed. However, within that broad guideline, both group and account order match the Summary and Chart of Accounts.
  • On the General Ledger Transactions report only, group names do not appear by design.

Actually I don’t want it changed for myself but some banks and auditors ask for a different order of things so I have to comply.

It sucks.

Thanks @Tut. I think I am familiar with all if these albiet not in such succinct way. I also think it is possible to change the code on the main income/expense group?

Not correct. Those can be edited and their order will change. It just happens they are the only groups coded by default. Otherwise, they would display in (English) alphabetical order.

These are screenshots from the Northwind sample company:

This is what I mean when I say that I can change the code for the main Income group.

I think I misunderstood your next to last post, @novica. I apologize. I read your post to say you thought it was impossible to change the order of the main income and expense groups. So I wanted to tell you that it was possible.

I originally read your post on my phone. Now that I see it on my bigger screen, I see my mistake. So, if I am understanding your last post correctly, yes, this is where you change the order of the groups on the profit and loss statement by editing the Code in group definitions.

Again, I am sorry for the confusion.