Balance sheet: account-codes not shown for groups

When enabling “Show account codes” in a balance sheet, it does not do this for accountgroups

That is because the primary groups for the balance sheet, Assets, Liabilities, and Equity, do not allow codes and cannot be edited.

This is not true. And it is also the case in the P&L statement


Balance report:


You can see that the account codes do now show up for groups. Yet, I was able to set the acount codes, and it fully makes sense to show the codes

Yes it is. For example, you cannot edit the Assets group:


The group you show in your screen shots is not one of the ones I mentioned. It is one you created.

For all other groups, the Code field is used only to control order of presentation. This is mentioned several places in this Guide:

Fair enough. Not super intuitive. I’d expect code to be a reference for intergrations, and the sort order to not even be visible (some drag/drop ordering).