Show Doc Number under Account Column - Journal Entries

Good day @lubos

i have noticed that the journal entries do not show the transaction reference numbers for line items under the Account column.


will it possible to show the same so that we can easily identify which transactions were offset?

I am curious what your use case is, @sharpdrivetek. A journal entry involving Accounts receivable should not be offsetting a specific invoice. That should be done with a receipt.

we have many suppliers who are also customers and vice versa. so we need to offset the purchase and sales invoices to know the outstanding due.
this is my only option until such a feature as discussed many times on the forum is made available in Manager.

anyway irrespective of my use case, i believe Manager should show what the user has selected in the line items. if the user did not care to see something on the document, they would not select it in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face: fields should not show in Manager only when they are left blank.

Two thoughts:

  • You can solve your problem by mentioning the reference numbers in the description. That’s what I do on all journal entries, because it makes for a much more informative transaction form. That also solves problems of which reference should be shown when a journal line item actually aggregates more than one.
  • There are many fields on transactions that do not show up on completed forms. Accounts, custom fields not designated to show, item names, and many of the transaction options are just a few. So absence of invoice numbers on a journal entry is not a unique situation. There are many cases where selections are made that would only clutter the final document.

this is okay if i am offsetting the total value of a particular invoice. i offset only part amounts depending on many business reasons and usually the number of invoices are many if i do it once a month. it will also help easily identify how much was offset from particular invoices.
also, it would not save my time if i have to select the invoice on line item and also type the same again in the Description.

i want Manager to show the selected line item reference numbers on each line. not as a summary. am i wrong to think you misunderstood?

i think i might not have come across any such situation where i think it was important. so i cannot comment on this.

I think for consistency across the program, this should be implemented. Referencing a invoice or purchase invoice it is listed on receipts and payments.

We also use journal entries to make adjustments to the balance of special accounts with an invoice number. It would be nice if it showed up without going to the edit screen to see it.

I did not misunderstand. I was offering thoughts that might or might not be beneficial to you. Your use case makes this suggestion sound helpful. @VISA-MC’s use case also sounds productive. So I will move it to the ideas category.

Added to the latest version (19.9.1)