Audit trail details

I need to investigate a possible change in an invoice amount. I see the Audit trail screen, but it doesn’t include any invoice number or customer number reference. How should I proceed?

If you are using the Desktop edition, then Audit Trail is not a function of it.

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I see a lot of functionality for the Audit Trail button you have introduced in the cloud version & applaud your idea to bring this. But I was wondering if its possible to have the invoice number/Purchase order number mentioned to know which file was being edited.

For example in the below example i understand a new purchase invoice was created, and an inventory item was deleted by a member of my staff. I just don’t know which!

Is this coming up Lubos? It would be an extremely welcome addition to the cloud system.

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For me it the Voucher Number, if the transaction has a voucher number/Reference number that I need displayed

Yeah, definitely something I want to add. Also, some ability to see details. What exact fields have been modified within the record.


Guys just want to ask how often do you encounter problems due to lacking of this function? And how do you resolve them? What workaround could be done to avoid unexpected edit/updates in business of active 15 users mostly working in distant of each other.