Cheque Number/Instrument Number

Hello @lubos i want to suggest that a field for for entering cheque numbers be added in payment and receipt. this field can be called “instrument number” so that entry in cash and bank can be traced with their cheque numbers or what ever. it very vital in bank reconciliation and auditing, most accounting software has it.

Enabling custom field of bank and cash account to show among the columns when opened will solve this

thank you.

I too need to have a Field where a Cheque Number can be recorded in Expenses and a Receipt Number in Income, for the purpose of Auditing of Accounts and for Cheque Reconcilliation, similar to other Accounting Systems Software. This is not an unusual request.

You can already create custom fields on payment and receipts.

If you want custom field to capture cheque number, you can do it.

The reason why Manager doesn’t include this as in-built field is that most businesses don’t need this. Why make user interface more complicated? If you need extra fields, Manager has mechanism to create them.

@lubos You can make custom fields yes, but you can’t show the custom fields among the would be very nice to have them displayable among the columns for payment and receipt. I do not need it for Cheque Management. I need it just to quickly locate transactions. Cheque # showing among the columns can easily differentiate identical transactions.

@Nasho23 I am however adding it to the reference. Eg. PMT2016\001\3445 (3445 being Cheque #). But what happens if the reference gets automatic referencing feature? Will it complicate things?

OK, this is deficit of custom fields implementation. It’s not yet possible to mark custom field on payments and receipts to show as a column. But that’s something that will be definitely added.

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I have finally found how to use the Settings/Custom Fields for creating a Cheque Number Field on Spend Money.
However, I cannot work out what the Position Field is for. What do I put in the Position Field to position the Custom Field for Cheq #, after the Fields “Paid From - Status - Date - Cheq#” so that workflow is logically smooth.

Position field is for a number that controls the order in which custom fields appear.