Field for cheque numbers on bank payment form

I want to suggest that a cheque number (Cheque #) column is shown when doing a transaction including bank account be it spending, receiving or transferring this will help those of us who do manual bank reconciliation because the banks in our part if the world don’t send electronic statement. A column that displays cheque number when you export the bank transactions for reconciliation will help a lot, I know there is a reference number field and a narration field but I use that for narrations and invoice numbers, payment numbers, receipt numbers etc.

Please add this feature to the banking so that we can easily use cheque numbers in BRS

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What’s your bank reconciliation workflow? How do you currently reconcile your bank account?

I understand you need to know cheque numbers to keep track of unpresented cheques (or undeposited cheques) and there is going to be soon new tab to manage cheques so I’m wondering perhaps once you are able to manage cheques within Manager, you might no longer need to operate within external spreadsheet and therefore will not have this issue anymore. Thoughts?

Currently I print out bank statement per company’s book and use spreadsheet to reconcile,then I print it for reference. Attached is how the bank statement appears. I just want my print out to boldly show cheque numbers or instrument numbers like the bank statement does. Instru code or the instrument code is the cheque number