Refence column on General Ledger Transactions report

I ask if it is possible to include the reference number in the ledger transaction report, the point of this would be the identification of each journal entry as an atomic transaction and order transactions that reference number too.

In Guatemala, the SAT agency (IRS in USA) requests a detailed report of all transactions and this may be very useful for that report.

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The latest version (14.8.44) shows Reference # column on the report too.

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Could you please include the Narration field in general ledger transactions ledger report? Maybe as a subtitle of each journal entry.

Another thing that would be useful is that report can be sorted by reference number and not only by date.

@lubos I took the General Ledger Transaction Report, but the reference seems to be missing. Using V15.5.14. Can you please advise if something is missing at my end? I presently have the date and the description, but not the reference. Audit would be cumbersome without this.

You are reading an obsolete topic, @anoopchintu. The format of the General Ledger Transaction Report has been changed completely a couple months ago.

@Tut Yes, I am! Whatever, the current General Transaction Report does not show the reference, which makes auditing very difficult, especially when the print out is sent to the auditors as there is no reference for them to cross check. What I was asking for is the “Reference” for the entry made to that effect.

For example, in the below extract, it is only the date and the description shown. There is a reference for the entry made, which is not reflected in this report. Shouldn’t there be a reference for easy tracing while auditing? When it is through the software, we can click on the link to see the document pertaining to this entry. But when this is sent to the auditor on print format, it is not possible for them to identify the document. Hope I am clear now…

I feel this report should have the reference number incorporated.

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Yes, @anoopchintu, I understood your suggestion. It seems like a good one. I was just pointing out that you were questioning where to find something that had been mentioned in a post that is obsolete. I was letting you know why you could not find the reference number that had been mentioned previously.

I have also suggested changes to the General Ledger Transactions report. In particular, the order of account listing seems random, although there may be some underlying reason. I suggested that accounts be presented in the same order as the Summary.

@lubos @Tut
Can you please look into this?

I’m not a developer, only a user.

Actually General Ledger Transactions report will be removed from the program. Custom reports will allow you to produce this report more efficiently and you will be able to select columns you are actually interested in.