Show customer email on sales invoice

Can someone please help me show a customer email address on a sales invoice?
I have set-up a customer with all the usual fields including email address.
On Sales Invoices - Form Defaults there is no opportunity to select customer email.

So, I set-up a Custom Field (both Classic and Text) and can only manually enter the Customer email address.

How do I automatically populate the Custom Field in the Sales Invoice from the Customer record?



You cannot. The email address is not passed to the invoice form by the program. Manager uses the address for other purposes. You will need to use your custom field and enter the address manually.

It is only possible using a Classic Custom Field.

  1. Set up new “eMail” Classic Custom Field (Customer) and tick(check) these boxes

  2. Edit each customer and enter their email in this new custom field box

  3. Create sales invoice and email will appear here:

Thanks ADJ. That way one only has to set-it up once. But…
Seems like an upcoming problem when Classic Custom Fields are made redundant.

Maybe an enhancement could be to be able to select “Show email” in Form Defaults.

Out of interest, why do you want to show the customer’s email address on the invoice?

It is a non-profit club with hundreds of members. One invoice for subs per year. When the invoice is handed out there is a note on the invoice asking all members to check and advise name, address and email and maybe telephone so that the database can be brought up to date.

Why not just add their email address to the customers address field? Formatting options are available within that field if required.

Thanks I had thought of that but it seems strange to do that when there is an existing field on the customer screen

Manager is designed for documentation to be sent to users by email, so when they receive it, the address is validated.

Your use case involves customers physically attending your premises and collecting documentation, which is probably common when Manager is used for point of sale. Perhaps in the future Manager could optionally include email address with other address data.

In the interim you will need to maintain two copies of customers email address, one for display, and other for Manager to use. The display copy could be in a custom field or the address field. The advantage of the address field is it is simple. The advantage of a separate custom field is batch update could be used more easily to check consistency.

@Tsesebe, here are a couple suggestions for your particular situation and workflow:

  • Create a classic custom field for Email address. Place it on Customers, not on Sales Invoices. Edit your customer definitions by adding their emails addresses to this field. It will now appear on any sales invoice for that customer. The advantage is that you do it once for existing members, and do it once for new members. The disadvantage is that classic custom fields may eventually disappear from the program, so there is some risk. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with the new style of custom field.

  • Create a new style custom field for Email address, which I think you’ve already done. Place it on Sales Invoices. Create a recurring sales invoice for each customer with the address filled in. Every year when you send out the invoices, the recurring sales invoice will include the email address. The advantage is that this approach is future-proof. The disadvantage is you need to create hundreds of recurring sales invoices. But, in your situation, you should probably do that anyway.

You could add to the theme:


I wonder why @lubos hasn’t included it in the plain theme.


Most likely because then you could not eliminate it without a custom theme. Custom fields allow you to include it if you want, exclude it if you don’t.

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Thank you everyone:
The plain theme solution (@Mark) works well but I thought Themes were redundant.
The Classic Custom field (@Tut) works well but is a duplicate field that may become redundant as well.
The recurring invoice solution (@Tut) is also a good work around but with duplicate field.
But maybe @Lubos could look at the idea of allowing the email address to simply be selected in Form Defaults. We have a wonderful database of information! Great to be able to use it!