Automatic Email adress show up when sending receipts

Hi everyone.
Sorry if this topic has already been discussed any time in the forum, but I haven’t find an answer to my question yet. As I have read, there is no possibility to send automatic emails to customers (Invoices or receipts).

But, is it possible to automatically show the email address when I want to send a receipt or an invoice to my customer?
In this image, in the section “to” is where I want the email address to automatically show up instead of typing manually.

The reason I’m asking this, is because I have many customers that want to receive things by email and it is hard to remember every email address. It would be more useful if the email address from the customer, just automatically appears.

If you send an invoice, then the customer’s email is automatically filled in - assuming that you have entered it on the Customer form

For receipts, this is not done, unfortunately. Presumably because not all receipts are linked to a customer

If you email the invoice after receiving the payment it will be marked paid in full.

You can send a Customer statement and the customer email will be pre-entered
Same applies to suppliers, purchase invoices and payments

Thanks for the reply Joe.

I should be a good idea to add this when sending receipts. Just as sending invoices or any other thing. Not everyone send this type of info to their customers. But in my case, some of my customers ask for it, so I need to send them the info.

Hope one day this can be added. I don’t think this feature would affect anyone. But until then, I guess I will need to type manually.

Good day sir.

The thing you have to remember, @INTERC, is that receipts do not draw on your customer database, so there are no email addresses to use.

@Tut has summarized the current state of manager on this topic. But the question is, will it be possible for Manager to have this feature? Will it be possible for the email address to populate automatically when sending a receipt someday?

In Manager you can receive money for a sales invoice by clicking on receive money when viewing the invoice. You can click on spend money when viewing a purchase invoice. Can something be done that will not only load the respective sales invoice number but the attached email of the customer ?(and Supplier if it spend money)

@INTERC Tip. If you enter the email address of the customer or supplier as part of their business details, you can just highlight and copy the email address before you click on the email button. That way, you just paste it there and push the mail.

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@Tut. I think there’s no future for this topic then :joy:. I will be doing the way @Abeiku told me:

Thank you both for replying.