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I would like to know if there is an option to add the delivery address either while creating a customer or while making an invoice.

The scenario is like the billing address of a customer is different from the consignee address to which the goods are to be delivered. In this case both billing name with address and consignee name with address need to be mentioned side by side in the invoice.

Thanks in advance.

You can put all this information in the address field for the customer. It will accept HTML code. Or you can create a custom field and position it where you like with a custom theme.

Hi there,
1- I do not think you can position your customs field where you want. At least not without programming skills. I might be wrong but I would glad to be proven wrong.
2 - A customs field will not be carried over to the next - copy to…invoice, delivery note etc. Manager will record the company that pays the bills to whom we are invoicing. A delivery note will record where the goods should be sent to. If you create a delivery address customs field. That field is not carried over thus once you create a delivery note from your invoice which makes totally sense…Your delivey address will automatically be the invoicing address which is most cases right but not always. That is causing major issues ALL invoices should feature a different delivery address on if not filled then it is automatically using the invoicing address. Currently once the invoice has been created - from the Sales order …the goods are likely to be desptached to the wrong location.
If you do not want to mess with customs delivery address field within the invoice. You need to create several delivery address field within customer creation page. with maybe an option to stick for delivery addrees (1, 2,3 etc)
Ideally it should be present since the first document is created for the customer…Sales quote 1 - Sales order 2 - Sales invoice 3 and delivery note 4
But that option will only work for 1 different delivery than the invoicing address. Remember you need to create your document to have all information to show on your paper - also do not forget to tick the box ( printed document when creating the field)
If had the choice of moving field in a customs form it would be great as all your field would come exactly where you want them to be.

You can put custom fields wherever you want with custom themes. You will need to hire a programmer locally if you don’t have the skills. But the flexibility to do that is built into the program.

This is true. Custom fields are unique to a single form. Otherwise, unwanted information might carry over.

As said before, you can do this with a custom theme.

You can put custom fields wherever you want with custom themes. You will need to hire a programmer locally if you don’t have the skills. But the flexibility to do that is built into the program.

Even if I used the Cloud version?


Thank you all. Sorry I had not updated the topic. I had already implemented this through programming a custom theme. I did not find any use of the description field in sales invoice and so i positioned the same beside the actual billing address. Now I leave the description field blank when i dont have a different delivery address and vice versa.

Might be useful for someone, I did use custom field for the same task.

The only programming to do is at start of you template add:

{% for field in custom_fields %}
    {% if field.label == 'Shipping Address' %}
        {% assign shipping_address = field.text %}
    {% endif %}
    {% if field.label == 'Notes' %}
        {% assign notes = field.text %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

make sure you get you name your custom field: “Shipping Address” or change code above to match you label

now you can include shipping address anywhere you want using
{{ shipping_address }}

Notes: custom field needs to be marked as printable, otherwise it will not be visible

and you want to replace notes section with just {{ notes }} other wise all you custom fields print with notes

I would like to know if anybody can explain to me the behavior of the address box within the customer setup page. I do not really understand how this work and it will help me to see if there is a glitch somewhere.

if you have set a different delivery address for a customer, this address will be used when creating a delivery note for the customer. there are no other changes.

@Tut the guide for Customers tab need to be updated to show this change.

Thanks it was a glitch as a Sales order would not change after we modified the customer setup page. Would it be possible to have :
1 - Invoice address AND shipping address on all document - from Sales order to delivery note? Maybe a tick button to print on all document?
2 - possibility to address as many delivery address as we want. A drop down option just like for customers but only for delivery address. We could image to create a delivery address as a customer which we would be able to pick when creating?

@Fabien, modifying something under Settings does not change most pre-existing documents. Exceptions are for business name and details.

As for multiple addresses on documents, the current design practice is that non-essential fields (things Manager itself does not need) must be in custom fields. You can have as many of those as you want.

Custom fields are limited to the existing document they have been created for. We already have had this conversation. It would be more efficient to have field that we can carry over all document or selected document across the idea is to limited input mistake at different stages.
My issue is now Delivery field does exist within customer page and If the field is not populated then your delivery address does not feature any address…This must be a bung. If the field is empty you must assume the delivery address is equal to invoice address as a rules of thumb.
Now I have to update all the 250 customers with a delivery address even if they are the same. Something is not right

It is not a bug. It is the way the program is designed.

I am struggling to understand the logic behind this. If by default you have go back to all customers it is slightly bizarre. especially different delivery addresses are often the exceptions - which still need to be catered for obviously. Can we get an option to tick a box for the time being?
1 Use invoice address as delivery address
2 Print delivery address on all document

I’m not the developer, just a forum moderator. I have no control over program changes.

I know you are not the developer. Do you know where I should be asking those questions? It does my head in to go have to go back to all those customers to amend them all. And most importantly the way it has been setup it does not even take care of the other rare exceptions company with different production sites to where we are delivering.

This forum is the place.

QUESTION?? We are a Moving Company. When we create an estimate, we include both the Current Address and the New Address which they are moving to. In the Moving industry, we are required by law to show both address on all Estimates and Invoices. Currently we are including both addresses in the Billing Address Field. It would be extremely helpful to have the Delivery Address appear on both Estimates and Invoices … not just on Delivery Notes. Is it possible to add an option allowing the Delivery Address to show on Estimates and Invoices? This would be extremely helpful to transportation related companies such as myself. Thank you in advance for your reply. :sunglasses:

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custom fields?