How to add Email address to Invoice / other forms

I’m looking for a way to add email addresses to either the addressee section
or to the CUSTOM FIELDS section of forms specifically the INVOICE form.

you can add an additional custom field under Customers tab for your customer and set it to show on printed documents. this will automatically show up on the invoice along with the other custom fields on your sales invoice when the customer is selected.

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Is there a way to hide the default email field then but still use the custom field to send emails

alternatively you can show the default email field on your invoice with a custom theme.
just add the below line with the other lines related to the customer section in the theme.

<div>{{ }}</div>

I feel stupid asking this. How do I need a blank line in between the address and the new email address that is added.

only questions appropriate in the context of custom themes in Manager is acceptable on the forum.
since you are a new user i would recommend reading the forum rules

Read the Guide: Follow the link there to shopify.

I’m trying to customize the theme in a way that customer’s address is followed by a blank and then their email address is listed. I had read all the documents referenced here so far to no avail. I know if html, it was as simple as
but I can’t find the equivalent in liquid so far.

I did find the raw tag, the code below did create a space and a dash for me that I can live with.
But is there a cleaner way to do it?

{% raw %}
{% endraw %}

Have you tried adding padding or margin to the various <div style> tags, depending on exactly how you want things to display?

That’s beyond my limited understanding. I have not done coding in over 15 years.
And to make it worse, my original training was DOS programming in 1980’s.
Could you provide a reference article?

The shopify link in the Guide linked to above. That is the definitive source.

add below code between address and email lines in your theme.

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