Customer Address not showing on Sales Invoice

Hello. I have setup a new customer with Business Identifier and customers address. When I do the Sales Invoice and view, the customers name and business identifier show but not the customers address. Our customers want their address shown on the sales invoice. How do I do this?

Are you using custom templates and have you upgraded recently. This may be the cause. Customers addresses are definitely showing on sales invoices on my Manager.

No I am using the normal sales invoice and I am on the cloud version

When you are creating an invoice, there is a Billing address field. Is anything entered in there?

If I have filled in the customer details when adding a new customer, then I go to create a new sales invoice. Surely the address of that customer should show in the billing address as entered when I created the customer

Yes it will. So when you go and create new sales invoice, then select customer from drop-down. Billing address doesn’t get populated?

when I do that that address does not get populated into the sales invoice

The only thing that I can think of is some symbol in the customer address that is causing Manager to not show the address? Try doing a simple address like

1 Duckbury Lane
hp5 67z

if that shows up, then its something in your customer address that is preventing Manager from showing it. It could be something as simple as /- causing a bug error? If its not that, then the developer will have to look and see what is going on as I haven’t got any ideas as to what it could be. If think we would need to see sample customer details and sample customer invoice to see if we can get any ideas.

@Mercia, are you sure you are creating a sales invoice and not a receipt? Currently, addresses do not show on payment receipts.

why receipt does not have Customer’s Addresses?

Because receipts are not linked to defined Customers. They have Payees. Customers are subaccounts of Accounts receivable, which is used for sales invoices.

thank u but what if some customer request for receipt to indicate their address? what can we say to counter this questions ?

You can create a custom field for payee address. If you enter anything in the custom field, it will show on the receipt. If you leave it blank, it will not show up.

in this case the every customer I have to manually add addresses? it seems troublesome though.

Yes. The only way to have an address populated automatically is to define the Customer under the Customers tab. That would require use of a sales invoice, not a receipt. And you will still have to enter the address manually, unless you do a batch input. But a batch input will necessarily be from some source (a spreadsheet, for example) where you input the addresses manually.