Default Email for Customers

Hey there,
I like to email the invoices to my own account so that I can then send them to my clients with the reports I produce. Is there any way of having my email address set as the customer email default when setting up a new customer?

No, but there is another way. Generate a PDF and save it. Attach it to an email in your regular email program.

Thanks for your response Tut. Yes, I know I can do it this way. I’m just trying to save myself a bit of time by getting it saved as a PDF and sent where I need it with one click rather than 5.

Can’t you just enter your own email address in the customer set up?

Yes, Clive - of course. But I have lots of unique customers, and I am always looking for ways that I can save on time in my business, and thought this might be one way.

Or you can just tick under email setting to send copy of mail to your account.


Thanks for the suggestion Durk, but I would still need to enter an email address into the customer email field as otherwise the invoice will not email.

why not edit the customer and enter your own email address in the Email address field.
then use the Additional information area or create a custom field for Customers called Customer’s Email where you can save the email address of the customer.
this way when you click the Email button in an invoice, the email will be sent to your email address.