"Show custom field as column" does not work in Cash Accounts

Hi @lubos
with reference to the the “Custom Field” -> “Receipt” section.
When i create a custom field, and give the “show custom field as column”. it does not seem to appear.
Please advice

Is the new custom field empty?

All the fields are filled, My settings are:

Label: Collect by
Position: 3 (however this will not serve the purpose because, this is the only customer field)
option 1: Show customer field as column = "selected"
option 2: Show custom field on printed documents
Type: Drop-down list
Options for drop down list:
1: Brian
2: Steve
3: Ruki etc

Please advice…

So you have actually a receipt and used this custom field? So this receipt does have this custom field which states that for instance [Brian] has collected that receipt?
Sorry for my bad English, but it is not my native language.

I am attaching some screenshots for your reference

this is my custom field screen and these are the options that i’ve assigned!

This is how it displays when i drill down the respective account under the cash account section. the assigned customer field column is missing!

But the strange thing is when i preview the receipt it shows the item :-/

Any advice?

Receipt custom fields don’t show as a column even though the option is there to select

Why on earth is that?

The cash accounts displays 3 transactions (Payments, Receipt and transfers) making it difficult (I think) to easily integrate a custom field of one of the transactions into the columns.

i think its better not to have any custom fields showing up anywhere in the Cash transactions due to the fact that most business need to import bank statements and having a custom field could mess up the whole thing.

Maybe @lubos can give a solution.

Even i am facing similar issue, But i am adding up Codes, but its not visible :frowning:

@Brucanna & @lubos
is it a bug or is there any alternative to this?
please advice

The latest version removes option to show custom field as a column for receipts and payments (17.7.87).

@Abeiku is right that cash transactions screen is somewhat unusual because it’s a combination of 3 different transaction types. I want to consolidate them into one transaction type (then it will be also easy to convert imported payments or receipts into transfers where required).

When it’s consolidated, it will be possible to show custom fields on cash transactions list. So this feature is coming but more work needs to be done on Cash Accounts tab first.

Thankyou @lubos